I've been trying to e-mail you,
Trying to tell you that I find
Things don't work anymore,
Pens fall from my pockets.
My socks on the floor.

I almost fell down yesterday ...
Or was it early today?
They picked me up right away,
Don't laugh like before.

I keep finding my face
In the obituaries of the Times.
I knew the news you knew the news
Already we know the news, no?
I tried to e-mail you today.

I knew you were feeling poorly:
You said that you were hurting again.
But when I went online to find you
I was told "There is no response."
"The sender cannot be found."

I think on you, the two of us:
Remember you and me
Winter just off the Adriatic,
The two of us in the sun.

Your shoulders as your shift came off.
The sun's lazy line across your throat,
Your eyes hazy, an idle hair
Where it shouldn't have been
Where (you said so much later)
We should never have been.
Should never have been.

I don't go out very much,
Stay home, haven't been out
For a week, now ... perhaps a month.
The doctor says I should
Go out more often.

We spent much of the day
In bed. You played
"Der Tod und Das Mädchen."
Over and over. We were
Listening to each other listening,
Listening at love.

The server said
"There can be no response."
And when I tried to call
A man's voice said,
"If you want to make a call
Hang up and try again."

I've been trying to e-mail you.
Things don't work anymore.
I almost fell down yesterday;
Don't go out much anymore.

--- C. A. Amantea
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