I live in Oakland and have a little factory in my home. I don't mean a real factory because I only make 20 - 30 pictures a day. I paint them on the head of a tack Im not kidding. I use a big magnifying glass to paint them and a tiny brush. They are pictures of Our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ. One is Jesus on a donkey going in to Gethsemene I had a hard time with the donkey but I gave him a smile because he is so happy to be Bearing Our Lord. Another is Him with Mary Magdalene. There is Jesus with John and another Matthew. The Last is Him on the Cross. I say we make 20 - 30 a day but sometimes when my wife is sick and stays home from her work cleaning houses she helps and sometimes there are 40 even 50 day the kids help too but they are all so young and the youngest Luke is sickley the doctor said it might be the TB. We do all right when the economy is good selling them at street fairs and before and after church. You should see our "Display" 256 Little Pictures of The Lord tacked up on a bulletin board there where people come to look at them and stand astonished at our craft. When times are good we can sell 50 - 100 sometimes 150 at $9.99 per. It makes a good living even though I am in a wheelchair haveing lost my leg in an operation the doctor was a quack but Im not going into that now. And with the little woman and her operation shes been feeling not right since we lost our son Will Jr when he was only three. Anyway we live in a little house we got in the south-central Oakland and altho you wont believe how they raise the payments we used to do OK between the welfare and the Goodwill my mother helpeing out too when she can even tho she is sick with the heart too.
Only this is what happen to us. Recently people seem to have got poorer and altho they like our Jesus Portrait "On-A-Tack" even our Pastor, Pastor Walker says they are a treasure but suddenley people dont have the money to buy them. Its got so bad that I dont like to go out to the stgreet fairs because people dont even stop to give you the time of day everyone is in such a bad way now I worry about our Country. Anyway this is the long way around to tell you that we are hurting bad and they say on the News that now when they have problems in New York City the banks that now the goverment is going to help them with billions of dollars which is OK by me because I dont want to lost my BankofAmerica account what little I have in it. What I ask you though if you can help the Big Guys can you help us too? Im not angry when I say this Im not some radical but we are hurting. We bought the house a little one with bad pluming we thought we getting a bargain back when I got my last check from the insurance company when my wife was sick with her heart but we spent all that on the downpayment of the house now the mortgage people at SafeCo the mortgage I don't understand too good has doubled we cant make the payments they want to take our house the payments are over a thou a month that we thought we could handel until my wife gets sick and we thought she would die so we took her to the emergency with her heart but she is better now but the mortgage people wont listen to us they say they going to kick us out on the street us and all the kids who are Innocent I tell you. I dont want to bother you I know you are a busy man but if they help those big guys in New York City my old Home Town I grew up Brooklyn my family was poor but proud please why cant they help the Little Guy like me and my wife and all seven of the kids who sometimes dont have enough to eat even with the foodstamp program & the gov't cheese etc. I hope this letter helps you to see our plight. Ill send you a picture of Jesus On The Cross for free but dont think its a bribe I dont believe in that but if you care to see it because I want you when you look at it to think of us think of the little guys like us.

--- In The Lords Name,
William "Willie" Carstairs
3737 - lst Ave,
Oakland CA
(My friends call me "Willie"
Or somtimes "Hulk"
I am so big)
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