My Bloody Life
Reymundo Sanchez


Subject: when i read "my bloody life" by: Reymundo Sanchez

one day i went somewhere i never thought i would go which was a bookstore. I was going there to get a book to write for my report. My friend saw that book and i decided to get it. As soon as i got home i read probably like 100 pages. I read from like 7pm all the way to like 1:30am. I finished the book in two days. This book made me realize that anyone that looks like a gang member or a gangster can get killed by anyone anywhere anytime. This book is making a great impact in my life. And he is right,he said that the people that actually do need to read this book probably wont. But, i guess im lucky i did. I would jst like to thank the author if i ever got to meet him. I would like to tell him that he actually saved my life because if i wouldve never read that book i would be making some really bad decisions or probably dead. So i really appreciate him for writing about his life. Because that really made me understand about gangs and gang violence.

--- Raul Rodriguez

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RE: any one who has a way i can reach reymundo sanchez

uh i was lookn thru web sites 2 find how 2 contact reymundo sanchez ... he dont kno me but i jus wanned 2 let em kno how much i apricited his book i read once a kin always a king ... at first wen my counciler forced me to read it i was incrdedibly pist off cuz i ve never read a chapter book asa mattr of fact i don read at all but wen i finally did red it i was like ohhh shyt diz gud nd i actually finished it all so if theres any way i can contact reymundo lemme kno ... i understand if hes all busy wit stuff so jus tell em i said thanx im yvette by tha way

--- Yvette Garcia

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