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From: Laurie, Help Your Dog Fight Cancer


Ralph Magazine and Ms. Wylie,

I see that you received the review copy that I sent to Ralph Magazine --- the new 2nd edition of Help Your Dog Fight Cancer. I'm glad it arrived safely.

I have no objection to the negative review. I will guess that for every 500 letters and emails I receive that praise the book and/or the Magic Bullet Fund. I receive one scathing letter that makes this review look like a rave.

However, there are errors in the review that support a negative outlook. I am not concerned about any readers of the review being alerted, but I would like the reviewer, Ms. Wylie, to know the truth.

Bullet never had deformed joints. He did developed bone chips in his shoulders,and they were successfully removed. He was not bedeviled by overcare or an overdose of doctors etc. To the contrary, Bullet was full of life, a strong, very happy and seemingly completely healthy dog nearly until the day that he died.

Finally, in Ms. Wylie's last paragraph, she broaches a subject that is the number one favorite complaint among those who aren't fond of dogs or cats. If we who do take care of our pets did not spend that money on them, we might buy a nice car or invest in a stock, help a friend in debt or take a trip to Hawaii. We can't presume that money not spent on pet care would be transferred to a starving child! I am speaking for those who do find time and funds for proper pet care, including vaccinations (the ones that, as Ms. Wylie learned the hard way, are needed so those petsmay survive).

Still, all in all, I am grateful that the book found a spot on your site and that it received a review that is for the most part accurate and positive.

--- Laurie Kaplan
The Magic Bullet Fund

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RE: Question about old article


Dear Ms. Lark:

My son found a short story in the Mid Late Spring 2004 Edition of Ralph (Issue Number 112) that was authored by Morris Weiss. That was the name of my father. He had written some short stories while he was alive, but other than a couple that were published, they were all lost when my brother destroyed them. I was wondering if this article could have been written by my father. The subject matter and theme was similar to other works he did. The article was "The Gold Coin."

I think it is unlikely that it was my father's as he passed away in 1990.

--- Richard Weiss

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Hi, Richard:

Could be, if Morris was a mailman. It was taken from an anthology of short stories by letter carriers, Men and Women of Letters. It was edited by John Yewell, and published by Boyd.

--- Lolita Lark
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