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Lucien Hervé
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Dear Lolita:

Is there any cost to have my book reviewed by you guys? I just send it and that's it?


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Hi, Al:

When you write, "I just send it and that's it?" are we talking bread or books?

And what can we say, anyway? For the last twenty years, we've been reviewing books. Good, bad, awful, ghastly and great. What do we get paid? Zilch. Why do we do it? Unlike smoking, it's fun, and there are no chains attached.

We don't worry --- don't have to worry --- if some publisher gets pissed at us. The most they can do is cut off our review copies. (It has happened, a few times: Alyson no longer sends us books after we did a job on Blue Days, Black Nights a couple of years ago; the same for Algonquin Books of North Carolina --- although we don't recall beings harsh with them. (There are some others that never respond to our requests for review copies: Yale, Harvard, the Moody Bible Institute, Bob Jones University, the Peabody School of Medicine University Press.)

But mostly, when we ask for a copy of a book, it comes. No money or favors offered or suggested. I'm guessing that if we started getting remuneration for our reviews, it would, as they say in England, put paid to RALPH.

--- Lolita Lark


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