Von Metternich

Subject: Metternich lied!

Hi, RALPH ---

It is doubtful Metternich --- or Napoleon --- said any such thing, since Napoleon did not speak much if any English, and there is evidence he was stunned by his losses at the battle of Eylau.

And the same issue, in your article about Fulencio Batista and the United Fruit Company, I once argued about that with a woman who had some knowledge of Cuba. She retorted, "You haven't eaten a banana!"

--- Ed Rossman
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RE: Guru Dev Singh


A number of clicks on Subagh Singh Khalsa led me to you at RALPH [which I have never heard of before]. I am searching for a copy of the book Sat Nam Rasayan, The Art of Healing by Guru Dev Singh. Neither Amazon nor ebay nor other sites are able to help.

My dearest friend's birthday at the end of this month and she wants a copy. Do you have a copy a I could buy or know someone who does? Thank you

--- Laurel Barile

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Hi, Laurel ---

If you want to get in contact with Subagh Singh Khalsa, let us know. We might be able to locate him but the way of the world is such that it might be too late to get a book this month for your friend (we understand he lives in Upper New York State).

--- Lolita Lark
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