Maxine Kumin
A Latin King


Subject: Kumin "Family Reunion"

I think, in glancing at your comments on Kumin's poem, that you misread something.  That may or may not change your opinion of her poem (probably not), but it does tie into the main idea of the poem, I think.

 The lines are:

     In winter we lure the birds with suet,
    thaw lungs and kidneys for the cat.

 You seem to have understood thaw as an adjective, but she's using it as a verb.  She's discussing how we are removed from nature, we "thaw lungs" for our cat to eat, we ""lure the birds" with suet.  But we are still separated by the "ring of wire" that separates our food and lives from the raccoons. 

I found her not to be rambling about food, since really it is only mentioned in passing, especially in comparison with the images of nature in relationship with humanity, but discussing how we are removed from nature and not within it.  In the world, not of it, to borrow another critic's borrowing of another poet. 

Just a thought. 

--- Nick Loewen
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Subject: To the author of
My Bloody Life
The Making of a Latin King

Please relay this message to the author of the book.

I just started reading your book and already feel for you. I my not be the first or the last person to ask you this, with everything you went through have you found redemption through Jesus Christ?

--- Yvette Ramos

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