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Hi. Are you doing good? Email me at only. I am using my friend's email to write this. I am lonely girl. Would you mind if I share some of my pictures with you? It can help children complaint about love to do. you would be


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Good evening,

Excuse me to disturb you ,but I would like to ask you some questions on grammar.I would like to know whether it is possible to say:No girls(put "s") have the right to practise abortion.

1.I do not know if there is ...............on the table.

2.I do not think I can do ...................for you.

3.Have you got any books in which I can read...........about your country?

What will I use to fill the gaps:something or anything

Can we say :I have will or willpower(without an article before)? A series of books,a group of young boys,a lot of people,a set of rules,a couple,a lack of means ,will these expressions be followed by the singular or the plural? Is it a big mistake to write the abbreviations this way (with a dot at the first letter)p.m,a.m,t.v,etc ?THANK YOU

--- NIKIEMA Jean De Dieu
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