William Faulkner
Flags in the Dust

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great piece about flags in the dust.

I am going to reread it. I forget always forget the plot and characters.

I enjoy reading it.

Have read Sound, Absalom and short stories.

Want to read Light in August, As I lay dying.

--- Jesse Ruiz

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Hi, Jesse:

The best is The Sound and the Fury which we mention in the review. Satoris may be second best.

We put an excerpt of Sound up at


And I have a friend who swears by As I Lay Dying.

And I've never forgotten the short stories, especially "The Bear."

Thanks for your note.

--- Lolita Lark
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I guess I don't have a scholar's eye. to remember plot, character and all.

I went to his house to in Oxford, then his grave. All in one afternoon.

Reading your piece, it had also occurred to me how much Garcia-Marquez copies from that in Cien Años de Soledad. And Faulkner's quote about the past never dying. Do you have that quote handy?

Sound I reread while traveling through Italy. Very lonely time, had the book with me on the trains. I will read the bear story too.

--- Jesse
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