H. L. Mencken
The Aedii Eechii

To: carlosamantea@yahoo.com

Subject: There is a ridge called the Aedii Eechii


on your webside I saw a Story about the painted dessert, which is in the near of Cameron.

Well, I would like to visit the place on my next trip. What is the best way to the ridge called the Aedii Eechii, is the right way about IR 6730 by Cameron, or the IR 6720 which starts in the north at coal mine canyon

Thank you for your help.

--- Christian Pongratz

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We were somewhat befuddled by this email. "Cameron?" "IR 6730?" "Aedii Eechii?" It was Greek to us.

But then we recalled that we had, some time ago, reviewed a book on the painted desert. We couldn't remember exactly when, and what it was about, so we went to Google, and googled ourselves. Have you ever tried that one? It's a trip. It's like looking at yourself in a fun-house mirror. Except sometimes there is no you there.

But we found it. One entry. From us (to us) (with love). "Aedii Eechii." The Painted Desert. Text by Scott Thybony. Photographs by David Edwards.

So we wrote back,

Dear Christian:

For more information, you might want to write the author, Dr. Thybony, at the University of Arizona Press, or email them at


"The Painted Dessert," we concluded, "will probably be found only at your corner gaudy pastry shop."

--- L. Lark

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I enjoyed your page on H.L. Mencken. Thanks for taking the time on that page. I was wondering if you have the rights for the picture, or you know who to get in contact to use that picture in a publication. It says the National Historical Society, but i cant find much on it. Let me know if you are the one to authorize the use of that picture.

We are St. Louis's only weekly high school newspaper, and we would like to put it on our annual staff t-shirt. The shirt is not sold; we wouldn't be making any profit off of the image.

--- William Hartzler
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