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From: Wild nature


Subject: Hunting in Azerbijan

Dear Sir,

I found your nice website and realized that we can make mutually business, I would like to offer to you our tourism programs in Azerbaijan.

I think we can be partner, and have serious and long term business together.

Azerbaijan is really interesting country for people who like nature. With best regards:

--- Teymur Haji

§     §     §

Subject: Request for Regular
Complimentary Copy of RALPH


Dear Sir,

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce you the Muhammad Bin Qasim Library Sujawal, District Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan. It has been established in 1967, by some literates of the area. It is one of the leading public institution of learning of the southern zone of Pakistan engaged in catering the intellectual services to the general public and to create awareness against illiteracy and to provide authentic informative, and constructive literature to general public.

It contains more than 28,900 volumes on different subjects and as many as 379 periodical and 68 regional, national and international dailies. The reading material is donated by respective editors/publishers/authors and academic and cultural institutions all over the world.

The library is visited regularly by a large number of students, research scholars and general readers. This is the only library of its kind and volume in this region to cater the intellectual needs of the seekers of knowledge. The library is absolutely FREE for the readers and has no permanent source of income. The ordinary expenses are met through the voluntary contribution of the members of its Executive Council.

It would not only add to our pleasure and be great favour to the reading public of this area to have your regular complimentary copies journals, magazine, newsletters and books etc, from your side, as your noble gesture of goodwill and understanding , in sacred cause of dissemination of knowledge.

Looking forward to gaining your kind cooperation.

Deputy Secretary General,
Muhammad Bin Qassim Library,
4-Main Road,
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