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Subject: pekin ducks


why did the pekin ducks die?????

--- Dana Willett
Hi, Dana:

As our correspondent wrote in the article,

    One day when I was off playing softball with my friends the family Chesapeake Bay retriever suddenly remembered his calling. By the time I got home, Pete was a goner and Repeat was barely hanging on.

    We took him to the local vet, but in those days they had little in the way of duck-resuscitation equipment on hand.

    That evening I buried the two of them down at the creekside and wet their gravestones with many a tear.

--- Ed

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To: lolitalark@yahoo.com

Subject: Broken Land

My coeditor, Julia Spicher Kasdorf, and I wish to thank you and Sarah Levy for that lovely review of the Brooklyn anthology in RALPH.

We really appreciate those good words.

--- Michael Tyrell
Broken Land: Poems of Brooklyn

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Subject: Pound and the River Merchant's Wife

Genius comes in all suits and colors. Pound probably should have been shot, but that takes nothing away from his poetry most of which is good; some of which goes beyond the point of perfect.

You point out his capacity nicely in this piece.

Now, go work on some translations of Tu Fu and more Li Po

--- William Robertson
Dear William Robertson:

Thanks for your note on Ezra Pound which we have posted in our 'letters' section.

If you have specific suggestions of other Pound translations, we would like to hear of them. For god's sakes, don't send us to the Cantos.

--- Ed
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