Adverse Outcomes of
Cataract Operations
Multiple Personality Disorder


Subject: Cataract Surgery

I wish I would have read this before, not after, cataract surgery.

I am in the same boat. Light bars, floaters, the knocked out lens, the whole nine yards.

Thanks for sharing. I am sending your fine article to any of my friends who are thinking of cataract removal.

Thanks again and best wishes.

--- Anne

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Subject: Multiple Personality Disorder

My name is Kimberley Bertram and I am writing to you about MPD as I am writing my HSC drama monologue on it.

I am very interested in this disorder and would like to learn more i would greatly appreciate your help to understand better.

i need to know how the personalities change from one to the other?so i will be able to show the different personalities in my play.

for example does the host look down and then look up again with a different facial expression or tone in voice. something like that?

your help would be very greatly appreciated

--- Kimberley Bertram

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