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My Bloody Life

RE: My Bloody Life by Reymundo Sanchez

is that pic really of the reall reymundo sanches

--- Daniel Gomez"

Dear Daniel:If you are referring to the one posted at

No. That is what they call in the trade, a "stock photograph."

If you are referring to the one posted at

the answer is yes. The author sent us his picture so people wouldn't think that he looked like the young juvenile we had posted in the original review.

--- Ed

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Would you mind if i were to take this photo

invert it edit it a bit and use it for my friends local bands logo

thanks i saw this picture and i was like this will be perfect for their band (fateful hour)

--- jeremiah barrett

Hi, Jeremiah:

It's in the public domain (we got it from a Dover book of old advertising art) so it's yours. We like credit if possible for digging it out of 10,000 other cuts. Thanks.

--- Ed
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