To: Subject: Haiku Dear Sir:

It is about three years that I study the Haiku and writing Haiku too.

I want to be subscribed in your site and if possible to introduce me English books in Haiku.

--- Massih Talebian

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Hi, Massih:

Your e-mail arrived at a perfect time. You are in luck. Robin Gill, one of the unsung all-time masters of haiku --- as translated into English --- has just released a new book on the subject of Senryu. This is what he wrote us a few weeks ago:


Subject: robin d gill's latest

Dear Carlolitalark-sama:

The Woman Without a Hole (& Other Risky Themes from Old Japanese Poems) (ISBN 9780974261850) and Octopussy, Dry Kidney & Blue Spots (Dirty Themes from Eighteenth - Nineteenth Century Japanese Poems (ISBN 9780974261881) are the same book published under different titles as an experiment.

The book has more than 1,300 senryu and zappai from the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.

This is the type of haiku that the expert Blyth called unprintable.

The books include the original Japanese, and run over 500 pages., complete with index. The price is $30.

This is the Table of Contents.

1. Colossal Endowment on Cloud Nine

2. Moon Duty, or Until She Falls Off Her Horse

3. Drown Not in the Very Wet Nurse!

4. Ox Horn, Devil's Tongue & Self Consolation

5. Losing Noses to Night Hawks

6. Navel-high Bobo & Mushroom Mara

7. Dry Kidney, or Semper Paratus

8. The Heavenly Octopussy & Herring Roe Ceiling

9. From Warm-up to Dying Aloud

10. Oh, No! The Poetess of Love is Missing What?

11. The Times are Good When They Hang Low

12. Good Bonzes Keep to the Narrow Path

13. Lady Doctors, Abortion & the Pill

14. Condoms as Dreams & Jellyfish ( 20c senryĆ»)

15. Puppetry in the Land of the Rising Tongue!

16. Tea-shops Where the Sexes Come to Joust

17. Catamite Cat-Houses & their P/Matrons

18. Young-crowd, or the Fashionable Gay

19. Ugly "Dowry" & Hooded Turtles

20. Maid-servants, or Why They Hate SenryĆ»

21. The World's Worst Come-ons

22. Chili Peppers & Lima Beans, or the Kids

23. Hair-burn in Bed, Hair-cuts in the Bath

24. Wearing Your Love Upon Your Head

25. The Isle of Wind-loving Women

26. Held in, Sadly Passed, Properly Cut . . .

27. Micturition Mimesis, or Sound Ideals

28. & Forget Not Paper, the Measure of Love

29. Ku that Fit No Chapter or Escape Me

30. The Blue Spot Papa Made Proves Mama's Pretty

The Author Notes:

Senryu are, after haiku, the best known genre of Japanese poetry in English.

A large proportion of the Japanese originals treat off-color subjects, so much so that books about the sexual practices of 18-19c Japan generally cite many senryu as documentation.

Yet, less than a hundred dirty senryu have been introduced in English until this book, with 1,300 translated senryu (and the originals).

Whether or not you have heard of senryu, if you are literate enough to practice what Emerson called "creative reading," these essays in sex, humor, Japanese poetry, urban legend, metaphor and translation should delight you.

--- robin d. gill
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