Sweet Tarts
Rhonda Pinston from the fifth grade fainted right off the bleachers in the middle of a choir concert. Everyone whispered about Rhonda Pinston. Rhonda Pinston had big bosoms and pink brassieres and see-through blouses. The boys gave her sweet tarts at recess. Not little sweet tarts that come in packets, but giant ones the size of clams. Grape, her favorite flavor. Rhonda's fingers and lips were always stained purple. There were purple fingerprints on her blouse where she adjusted her brassiere. One girl whispered that Rhonda Pinston fainted because it was the first day of her period. No one would say what it meant to have a period, but it had something to do with bosoms. Everyone got so excited, staring at Rhonda, I decided to practice. After school I practiced fainting in my own room, falling, over and over, my knees going weak, a pillow pressed against my head. Each time I fell, I thought of sweet tarts, giant purple ones, and the boys staring down at me as if I were Rhonda.

--- From Sleeping with Houdini
Nin Andrews
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