Sylvia Plath
Contact with the Deceased
(Stepwise Technique)


Subject: Taxi and Sylvia Plath

Could you please tell me what poem Plath wrote that Harry Chapin used in his song TAXI?

The verse is:

    Baby's so high that she's skying
    yes she's flying afraid to fall
    I'll tell you why baby's crying
    Cause she's dying, arent we all.
--- C L McCarren

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Subject: Contact with the Deceased (Stepwise Technique)

Every year 100,000,000 people die and we are all used to this process and await our own turn. We are used to losing people forever. We are used to thinking that after the death of a person, we will never again see their eyes with ours, hear their speech, embrace them or sense their smell. We think that only our own death can bring us together once more.

But this is not so. There is a single way by which it is possible to see a person not in a picture or on a video but with our own eyes. There is a technique which enables everyone to hear that voice. There is a method which enables us to embrace this person once more. And there is nothing particularly complicated or supernatural in this. It can be achieved via the same phenomenon of extracorporeal travels.

The author of this book was once conducting his latest experiment in the phase ("astral", in the "extracorporeal" state) and inadvertently stumbled across a simulated double (and perhaps soul?) of his recently deceased cat. He took him into his arms and felt how heavy he was. He looked him in the eyes which looked back with devotion as ever before. It became clear that the properties of such contact were in no way different to those in the real, physical world. The author then decided to meet some relatives already deceased. After a number of difficulties he managed it with the same degree of success. It later found expression in the new, separate field of applying the phenomenal condition of being outside the body.

The most interesting aspect is that contact with the help of the "extracorporeal phenomenon" can be achieved regardless of one's outlook on its nature. The book "Contact with the deceased" contains no reasoning as to the nature of this manifestation in order to give people hope if they do think they enter into contact with the soul. Although this is a highly disputed issue...

For example, there it is also possible drink juice and taste it for real, it is possible to bump into a wall and feel pain, it is possible to find or create a simulated double of a real person and begin to talk to him or her, it is possible to see colours which are insusceptible in reality, and it is even possible to have sex and experience a genuine orgasm, and these are only some of the characteristics...

--- Michael Raduga
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