The Dew-Line Bears
The Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada


Subject: The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada

Dear Ralph staff and Richard Saturday,

I was delighted to read your review of my new book. Your author captures the richness and playfulness of the book. Thank you so much.

If you would like to use some of my illustrations for the page on your web site, I would be happy to let you use them. If you would like I could also send you jpegs of some of the pages or the cover.

Thank you again

--- John Muir Laws

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RE: "The Dew-Line Bears"

Dear Mr. Nickel,

I appreciate the views expressed in your article "The Dew-Line Bears." Letting nature take its course is ridiculous! Mold and Decay, my arse!

In my opinion, any animal so weak-minded as to let itself end up on the endangered species list deserves to be there. Good Riddance! The startling population of polar bears which you mentioned in your review is an atrocity. The meat and pelts of these polar bears could be put to profitable use before, God forbid, nature takes its course and the whole beast is reduced to a very unprofitable heap of rotten meat and spoiled fur!

I shudder to think of poachers families having to move in to the already cramped quarters of the Billy Goat Gruff Underbridge Trolls.

If only there were more people cut from the same cloth as you and I, we could get this thriving population of Polar Bears, and all other potentially endangered animals, under control!

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