The Dew-Line


Subject: Claude Debussy

Dead wrong about Debussy.

He is unquestionably a major composer ... at once more sheerly beautiful than almost anything since the Renaissance and a significant hidden source of 20th century modernism.

Your reviewer, Mr. Saturday, must have been listening to La Mer on a Monday.

--- Dr Phage
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Re: The Dew-Line

Rachel Carson would make the bed springs creak --- so much for Silent Spring, perhaps the book could be renamed "The Springs Come Alive to the Sound" if she saw her name misspelled.

I'm less concerned about the polar bears than some. I met quite a few, and they seemed quite capable of looking after themselves. Apparently, many people who have never had the pleasure of meeting one, believe they only eat seals (yes, even the white cuddly ones), but somewhere in my pile of pictures, I have several shots of them eating at the old Churchill dump, before it was replaced by an incinerator (CO2 again) so the bears wouldn't adapt and think Churchill produces things as good to eat as seals. Maybe they'll even learn to lap up CO2. Talk about sequestering!

Incidentally, the bears were sharing the food at the dump with Chipewyans who couldn't afford the food at the store! They both lost with the opening of the incinerator.

Incidentally, after speaking to the fine fellow who rode the D8 some years after his art work, he remarked that he intended to use the term donkey, but was running short of barrels. Air Canada didn't have 747s at that time, just DC8s that roamed the north en route to the Kingdom of UK .

As the bard of the Yukon, Robert Service, was wont to say, "there's strange things done neath the midnight sun..." (Don't look for your shadow between November and February.)

--- Jim
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