Desert Survivor
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Subject: Desert Survivor

Dear Lolita,

I haven't read the Desert Survivor book. So it is semi-foolish for me to have and opinion about your review.

Did you ever end up going into the outback of Arizona? I hope you did, because it is the most beautiful (personally) place I've ever scattered myself amongst.

There are all of those risks emphasized in your writing, but their presence bothers the peace of mind more than the actual self. I am afraid of lack of water, but not so much the rest.

Like most other life forms they seem to stay out of your way (although, I do recommend checking your shoes).

The only reason I comment is because I was worried about these thing before I ventured into the desert myself. Now, I choose to be prepared rather than worried.

It is a dangerous place, but not so much more than the dangers of day to day life in the city. I would feel more comfortable ledged up next to a rock formation in mountain lion territory than walking down 5th Street in NYC on a day to day. Mountain lions don't seem to hate on people as much as other people do.

Thanks for your writings,

--- Gregory Adam Tierney

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RE: Review Copies of Books


I've recently published a book and considering sending it off for review.

Is your practice to return the book once it has been reviewed?

--- zac anthony

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Hi, Zac:

Sorry. Given the fact that the post-office gutted the old "Library Rate" (where non-profit organizations could send books practically for free), we just couldn't afford it. We have to live within our means.

What we do with books after review is to offer them as gift to a local prison reading program.

The CDs and tapes go to various libraries for the blind.

--- Ed

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