D. H. Lawrence

To: Carlos Amantea

Subject: "Terra Incognita" by D. H. Lawrence

Dear Ralph Team,

Thanks for all the poems.

I want to offer a typo correction for your next update to D. H. Lawrence's "Terra Incognito."

...And all things, and nothing, and being and not-being alternately palpitate....

I don't have the book in front of me, but I believe the word "palpitate" should be "palpitant."

Thanks and best fishes,

--- Timothy Colman
Publisher, Poster Sherpa
Good Nature Publishing Co.

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Subject: Book review


I did see the Australian fondle magazine [Ref. "Behind the Scenes"] but I'm sure the book sent for review went to you and not them.

The pastie, oops, I mean paste-in, below is an email I sent on August 16 to one "Lolita Lark" though the actual email address was

--- great sense of humor there, I'm sure. Hope to hear from you.

--- Many thanks!

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I've perused your website, and I hope these questions will be to the point.

I am the co-author of INSIDE JOHN HAYNIE'S STUDIO: A MASTER TEACHER'S LESSONS ON TRUMPET AND LIFE. Without blowing our trumpet too much, I think this book is right up your alley as regards the nicely disparate nature of your reviews and briefly mentioned. It is specific to music, and not nearly as specific to the trumpet as the title might seem. The layout is unlike any other book I've seen.

The book was published by the University of North Texas Press in February. It's a small press, and I asked yesterday if I could follow up on where review copies were sent and received their blessings. I have searched all the sites and have emailed or called the contact. Right off the bat, their listing for the RALPH editor is different, so apologies there.

Did RALPH receive the book? If yes, is there a possibility it might be reviewed or mentioned? If it took a detour through the postal system, could I send a pre-pub flyer as an attachment and let you decide if you'd like the press to send another copy?

I hope you'll have a moment to respond. The book really IS wonderful and a nice breath of fresh air as far as this genre is concerned.

--- Anne Hardin
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