Riddle of
By cannibal standards, I'm dinner for six.
My pet vulture has the disconcerting habit of staring
at the clock and then at me. In terms of sun,
I plan for a long Alaskan winter. Insurance salesmen
slink away from me at parties. A stiff breeze
blows away my weight in gold. In the world of before
and after, I remain steadfastly before. Last session,
my psychiatrist shook my hand and thanked me
for curing his insomnia. If I had a nickel for every time
my name was associated with greatness, I would owe
someone a quarter. My mother called recently and asked
for her umbilical cord. Yet I'm resilient, a human cockroach.
I'll be here for a while, blocking progress in a black leather jacket,
switchblade quick and ruthless as a jar of pennies.
--- From Encouragement for a Man
Falling to His Death

Christopher Kennedy
©2007 BOA Editions
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Rochester NY 14607
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