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Subject: usted, solo usted

What I like about [the hardcopy] Ralph Vol 29 is that there is a lot of continuity from your many writers.

It  seems as if they are of one mind, dealing out the verbs and nouns like so many jacks and aces from the same stacked deck.

Oops, I must depart to my chamber for my early work call.

That is, until Halloween 2007, when I retire and get to sleep as much as I want. Tick and treat!

--- Don Campau
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Subject: The West Coast Review of Books

I was messing around looking up things from my past and found a reference to "the dismal West Coast Review of Books" as an example of How Not to Write a Book Review.

I wrote some nice reviews for them -- and they paid better than Ralph. Can't really disagree with dismal, though. You had to work there to get the full flavor.

--- Robin S. Tanner
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