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Subject: The Lusitania

I ran across your web page while searching out the Lusitania on the internet. I am currently reading the book Lusitania written by Diana Preston. What my interest in all this is my grandmother was supposed to be a passenger on that fateful trip, but she was married a few days prior to the sailing and my grandfather read the warnings and booked her on an Italian liner instead.

I was wondering if you have a mailing address for Diana Preston in London so I can write her?

--- Christopher Breeze
Martinsburg, WV

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Dear Mr. Breeze:

You are perhaps best off to contact

Penguin Books
375 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014

--- Lolita Lark

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Subject: War Gone By

I made a My War Gone By I Miss It So Uzi for a Croatian businessman in Vancouver BC. Attached is a photo.

Your review of this book was prominently listed at Google so I sent him a link.

Also, you reviewed Fighting With Franco in the latest issue? You might want to check out Ronald Radosh's Spain Betrayed before gushing over the heroics of International/Abraham Lincoln Brigade. His Red Star Over Hollywood was a better book because it wasn't so document-based. He has some great anecdotes in there about the red diaper baby summer camp he attended and Pete Seeger's annual visits there.

Do you remember a folk trio called the Goldwaters?

Don't you think Barry Goldwater is looking better with every year that passes?

Rainbow showers of tolerance tingles.

--- Charliqua
Charles Krafft
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