Attack on Buddhism
This Bloody Life

Subject: Unprincipled Attack on Buddhism

One of the laws of Buddhism is compassion and caring.

In your last issue, there was none of these. If I didn't know better, I'd think your reviewers are hate-filled Christians, the same kind that went centuries ago into India, Japan, China, and Sri Lanka to mock and destroy Buddhism., tear down temples, etc.

In the review of True Meditation, you said that "This Adyashanti is pure chocolate fudge cream-cake ... without the nuts." In Best Buddhist Writing 2006, you write the essay of the Buddhist theorist and scholar John Welwood was "a yawn." The highly esteemed and honored teacher Pema Chödrön "doesn't do much better."

From my reading of the Bible I learned that even Christians ought to be kind.

Why do you let your writers act like little, nasty children, tearing up everything in sight?


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Subject: Sorry to bother



I saw some kind of website that had Reymundo Sanchez's email. I sent him a couple of emails, but he never reponded.

Do you know if he still active in that email? The reason I write is because I saw you gave someone name tony Mr. Sanchez's email.

Write back soon.

--- Stuart Ortiz
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