Subject: Courtesy indian image from your website


Should you not be the right person, whom this letter should be address to, I apologize and I hope that you will be so kind to forward it to the correct Department in your Company. Plaese let me know, via mail, who the Responsible is.

I am working on and abaut complete a Web Site on the American Indians. The Site is meant to divulge scientific knowledge and has no profit scope. One Image of your Site (Shoshone indian image), are very useful for my work. I have unloaded these images from your website but I kindly request your authorization to use them in my Web Site, where I will also disclose the Source and exstended my gratitude, the way you will prefer. I would appreciate it very much, indeed. Thanks and best regards

--- Dr. Luciano Jori

Hi, Dr. Jori:

You are either referring to our review of Edward Curtis: The Master Prints as Edited by Dan L. Monroe from Arena Editions/PGW or A Danish Photographer of Idaho Indians: Benedicte Wrensted Edited by Joanna C. Scherer from the University of Oklahoma Press.

Since we are not holder of the rights to these photographs, you might want to contact either of the two publishers for information on this.

--- Yours,
L. Lark, Ed.
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