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Joachim Stempel
Samuel Pepy's Catamaran


In a letter rom last month someone asked you about "Samuel Pepys' Catamaran."

You did not reply to this letter.

Are you being derelict, negligent, negligible?

--- j s shannon

We respond:

Samuel Pepy's Diary is twelve volumes long. The recording we listened to was of excerpts --- plucking a few entries from each volume. The total of the finished reading came out to about three volumes, 25% of the whole.

To find a single catamaran --- possibly real, perhaps fictional --- amongst 500,000 - 750,000 words taxes my mind, as it should yours.

Also, I usually don't answer letters that come from beyond the pale. Unless they are my own.

--- L. Lark

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Subject: 164th Signal Photo Corp Army in China

I am trying to email Barney Rosset. He was in China the same year as my father. I wonder if he knew him. Lt. Charles F. Schwep. He too was a Photog... Thanks

--- Ann Schwep

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Subject: Joachim Stempel

Hey there!

I just read your page, Joachim Stempel was not a General, his father was.

--- Hans J. Wijers
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