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Yes, there is a certain cult of pseudo-difficult writing that pervades Poetry. The rule is that if you can't write, obfuscate, and the critic/reviewer who will never admit not understanding your work, will make connections out of the mess. The reviewer in turn will usually write some sort of gibberish-blurb like "The poet seeks out the outward in terms of its interiority poised in observation."

Why? There is a hierarchy that must be maintained. One does not dare question Queen Jorie. How does one tell one pseudo-difficult poet from another?-Awards, Degrees, Academic chairs. "Good" poetry is given awards. 21st "Poetry" is an academic discipline, peer-read, peer-judged. Poetry is what the "experts" define it to be.

--- adam hardin
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Subject: Como consequir "La creación del mundo por Aquiles nazoa?

żMe preguntaba como consequir "La creación del mundo" por Aquiles Nazoa?

Gracias de antemanos.

--- Juan Carlos Salcedo Rodriguez
Montreal, Canada

Dear Juan Carlos:

We spent an hour in the Information Amazon known as "Google" trying to find "The Creation of the World" by the Venezuelan poet Aquiles Nazoa. All we could find were the three poems of his that we had put up some time ago:

"The Ballad of Hans and Jenny"

"Love, When I Die"


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