I would be willing to pay you to put a simple text ad on your webpage for an online diamond company.

The page of your site I would like to use is:


I find relevancy in this page because it relates to diamonds.

My budget isn't huge, but I'm sure we could work something out.

Please let me know if you're interested!

Thanks in advance,

--- Sarah Raymond

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Our Editor Responds:

Dear Ms. Raymond:

Thank you for your enticing invitation.

Our first thought was that perhaps you did not read our review of The Sancy Blood Diamond closely. We panned the book, even included it in this issue's Twelve Stinkers of 2006. If I were a respectable diamond broker, I would never want to be associated with such a leprous volume, nor, perhaps, with RALPH. We are not exactly of the commercial mold, you see; we are more, some might say, a laissez-faire operation. We have thus pothered along without commercials for almost thirteen years now.

This is partly by choice, partly by charter. We are operated by a tax-deductible foundation. We don't do ads. We were never good at selling things, anyway --- much less gems.

I suppose it is someone analogous to Johnson's dog: if we were to present commercials one would be not surprised that we did it well, but that we did it at all. We are certainly not enthusiasts of the so-called "pop-ups."

We are fond of Pop-ups in book form, pop-corn, poppy-seeds, and pop-overs: direct, from the oven, fragrant, hot, with sweet creambutter melting down the lovely crunchy sides. Yum.

That other stuff: it just isn't in the cards. The pop-up cards, anyway.

--- L Lark

To: carlosamantea@yahoo.com

Subject: Dancing Under the Red Star


While strolling through the Net the other day, I happened upon your website and was surprised to find a recent review of my book by Ivan Rich ... and just wanted to quickly pass on my sincere thanks and kind regards for his very gracious and touching book review! Thank you, sir.

--- Karl Tobien DUTRSguy@aol.com

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