Mme. Spivy
The Madness
John D. Rockefeller

Subject: John D. Rockefeller

comparing John D. Rockefeller, Sr. to Stalin.. are you crazy or just stupid.

John D. Rockefeller, Sr. did more good then you could ever dream of.

Stalin killed his own wife and millions of other Russians.

it's a shame you were not one of them.


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hello. im amy philpin and am a student dental hygienist at eastman dental hospital in london.

I am currently undertaking a project on schizophrenia and need to gain permission to use any photos from websites. I would be greatful if you can allow me permission to use the main picture you have on your website as a front cover for my assignment?

thank you very much and hope to hear from you shortly

--- Amy Philpin

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Hi Amy:

Thanks for your note.

If you are speaking of those who believe themselves to be in charge of RALPH --- the ones to be found at the page titled RALPH staff photo --- you are welcome to them.

In fact, if you need living examples of schizophrenics jointly reinforcing each other's lunacy, we will be happy to send any or all of those pictured. You pay the postage.

The one exception is the fifth photo down. This lady claims to be editor, and thus not to be mad. We would be mad to disabuse her of this notion.



Subject: Spivy, naturally

Did Mme. Spivy really record on the self-owned Spivy label? I just got a 78rpm, 3 record album by her, with all of the songs you mentioned on it, on the Exclusive label, out of New York.

The Spivey label was owned by Victoria Spivey, a blues singer out of Chicago. Note the differences in the name spellings.

Thanx for the website and the info.

--- Mal Rockwell

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