Michael Ingall
Sumner Redstone & Viacom

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Subject: Mike Ingall

Mike Ingall was my supervisor and mentor. In October 1972 he (together with the mental health clinic's executive director) hired me.

Mike was warm and wise, supportive and nurturing. An exceptionally gifted supervisor.

None of these words is sufficient! ... He was my mentor and he changed my life.

I had been, for the most part, out of touch with him since leaving the mental health center in 1982. Today, a mutual friend somehow happened on your site and forwarded the link to me. I was moved to read about Mike and fascinated with the story about his father. I knew he had been a doctor. Now I know why Mike was such a mensch. How could he not be?

--- George Lally
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Subject: Carlos

why was my letter puzzling?

cruise has always made money for paramount...

redstone has not!

$13 billion in debt with viacom

--- Daisy Lee Myers, RN

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Our editor responds:

It is quite rare for us, a rather dotty literary magazine, to receive a letter that might better be addressed to The Wall Street Journal. Although we did, once, publish a puzzled review of the autobiography of Sumner Redstone.

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