you were not with me yet     you were wearing
your uniform blazer      riding the bus
and then the Metro     to work in the morning
driven through darkness     diving under
Washington's marble      warrens of warlords
into your eight daily      hours at the Holocaust
Memorial Museum     how many
winters did you
                                            the winters I
slept late     learned Anglo-Saxon
left and ran lawless      lazed slammed raved
made less than a living      professing language
in the woods of the Battle     of The Wilderness
hated myself      for having a car
abandoned it out west
                                            and yet
we would manage to meet      and immediately
know we were it     each other's the whole
subway could see us     our hands held
solemnly braced      on the seatback before us
in the posture of prayer      in ecstasy pulled
up through the tunnels     electric and elevated
escaping the city      the century streaming
high over the dammed-up      highways the dark and
sparkling Potomac     while over us planes rose and
somewhere beyond their glow so did the brightening stars

--- From Fire Baton
Elizabeth Hadaway
©2006 University of Arkansas Press
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