Tom Cruise
Sumner Redstone

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SUBJ: terminating tom cruise contract

Dear Sumner Redstone:

I am a long time shareholder of a few media companies including VIACOM INC that houses PARAMOUNT STUDIOS.

I am very disappointed that you didn't renew Tom Cruise contract with Cruise/Wagner Productions.

It just makes no BUSINESS or COMMON SENSE to terminate the CONTRACT of a winning actor and his $2.5 billion dollar products of films..

I don't like Mr. Cruise antics off screen, but I can't complain about his films. They have made me a very happy film viewer over the years and kept PARAMOUNT in the BLACK!

Please renegotiate his contract for $10 million and give him whatever he wants.

REMEMBER, love is love, but business is business and PARAMOUNT needs Mr. Cruise.

And I don't want to see UNIVERSAL STUDIOS or any other studio getting this actor!


Thank you for your time and cooperation with the above matter.

--- Sincerely,
Daisy Lee Myers
Daisy Lee Myers, RN

"Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire."

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