An ancient hindu tradition says that if you could go far enough out in space and still hear all the sounds of the earth, they would be joined together in one great resonance: the holy sound of


At any given moment all the buzzing of cicadas, all the jabbering of monkeys, the talking and whispering laughter, sobs, and screams of people, the rustling of leaves, the crash of surf...

...all the rush of traffic and clanging of factories, all the sounds of singing and groaning, of birds and raindrops, of volcanic eruptions and falling snowflakes combine their diversities into one unity of intention, the song of the life of the cosmos. I used to think this image was just a symbol.

Now I believe it is the truth.

--- From The Wisdom
of Wilderness

Gerald G. May
©2006 HarperSanFrancisco
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