Darlene Cohen

Disability and Pain

Subject: Darlene Cohen

Dear Lolita,

I saw your post of my short interview with Darlene Cohen. You might want to check out the Tricycle Web site


where there is posted a humor piece I wrote, a parody of the tv show "Inside the Actors Studio," with the Buddha as the guest.

--- Best,
Andrew Cooper

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Dear Andrew:

We posted that interview because it was one of the funniest we have read on disability.

We also tried to get in touch with Darlene Cohen, but her e-mail rejected us, being filled to the brim, perhaps with accolades from the likes of us.

We've posted other, like-minded readings on disability, such as the one at


Trying to write cheerfully about cripdom (as we call it) seems to be impossible, with the exceptions of Betty MacDonald, John Callahan, the cartoonist who wrote and drew "The Brighter Side of Being Paralyzed for Life," and that wonderful Susan Parker who writes for the San Francisco Chronicle whose husband is a quadriplegic: her stories about caring for him are sweet, sad, funny, wrenching.

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