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Re: Martin Gilbert:

Dear Sir or Madam:

I read your recent sarcastic review of The Encyclopedia of World War I plus several earlier denunciations of eminent historians such as Martin Gilbert.

Have you got some anti-historical bias? Were you flunked out of high school (or grade school) by a history teacher?

Do you know, or not know, or care, anything about professional historical writing?

I would never subscribe to a magazine that uses insult and puerile humor as a basis for criticism. Especially when such spleen is obviously not the fault of an expansive book, as much as that of a narrow-minded reader.

--- Francis Wakefield, PhD

Dear Lionel:

Thank you for a dynamic introduction to Mark's book. I would like to get in touch with Mark. Do you have a contact email for him please? Or, perhaps you could pass on mine to him?

Kind regards.

--- Fiona Hayhoe
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