A Dead Cat
Blasphemers at RALPH

To: poo@cts.com

Subject: The Dead Cat

I would have read your review of "The Dead Cat: Schrödinger's Experiment" if I had not read it.

--- Rachel Suarez

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Subject: Jesus Christ


i have seen the blaspheme you put of Jesus on the cross. 3 Lam. 20:1 says "those that I have swaddled and brought hath mine enemy consumed." You are putting OUR LORED JESUS to be like that sinner. The brimstone will come 1 Hab 5:13 "I will discover thy skirts upon thy face."

There wiil not be rest until you are torn asunder (2 Sam. 5:4) If you continue to DEFAME the Body of Our Lord, comes the Righteous Anger of the GOD ALMIGHTY. 1 Dan. 5:12

--- gjrogers55@spcbell.net

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