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Subject: moko photo

I am wondering if you would be able to grant me consent to use the photo of the woman with the beautiful facial moko at Twelve Hits for an article I am writing about Moko, focusing on Women's facial Moko?

I am writing the article out of my love for writing and sharing stories --- it is unpaid work. It is destined for a web-based magazine (which is still being constructed). The magazine is focused on giving women images and stories of beauty, that go against the constraints of what most of the west sees as beauty.

This would be of extreme help, as I can write about Moko but that can only go so far to describe them -- I would love to share these images of power with the people who read the article as well, to let them know exactly how beautiful they are.

--- Paula Guy

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Hi, Paula:

Unfortunately, it is not ours to give. We merely reproduced the picture as part of a review of Moko Maori Tattoo by Hans Neleman, Photographer, as issued by

Edition Stemmle,
Alte Landstrasse 55
CH-8802 Kilchberg

Please contact them directly for permission.

--- L. Lark


One of your idiot writers says the War in Iraq is just "another of the Holy Wars" between Christianity and Islam that "have been going on for nine-hundred years, our theocracy against the theocracies of the Middle East." Then he said,

    This is when Christians first invaded North Africa to punish the relatively peaceful and tolerant members of an 'infidel' religion.

It's talk like this that kills our soldiers on the front lines defending you and your ilk. Instead of kicking Jesus and kicking our country, you might want to go off yourself to live with the "relatively peaceful and tolerant" fanatics who cut off heads in Iran and other places and send videos of this. Tell your stupid story to them, OK?

--- Larry Walsh, USM (Retired)
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Subject: Mrs Jane Juska

Dear Madam/Sir!

I have just finished the most adorable Round Heeled Woman by Jane Juska and I would love to write to her and share my views about her book. Would it be possible to get her e-mail adress? I would be ever so gratefull!

--- Regards
Liliana Komorowska Ahmed
Stockholm, Sweden

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Hi, Liliana:

A Round-Heeled Woman was published by Villard/Random House of New York.

Although we like to think of ourselves as omniscient, we have not been able to find Ms. Juska's e-mail address.

Evidently she lives in Berkeley, California (where else?) and is about to publish or has published a new book, An Unaccompanied Woman, also from Random House.

--- L. Lark
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