In Memory of Hawks

I was just reading you review of Reactions 5, and thought you might like to know that a "bap" is a big bread roll. The word is used on the menus of most English cafes, tea rooms etc. where mayonnaise and ketchup sachets are usually freely available at the till or on the table.

Interesting that you ask what happened to "what a piece of work is man?" I'd say that's the major preoccupation of the kind of poetry Pen & Inc. seem to like, behind the jokes and pop culture references. I wish they'd lighten up.

--- Cheers,

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Got the copies of the reviews of In Memory of Hawks. Thanks very much for sending these to me. I am planning to send you a couple new books that might be interesting to you, including a new one by Irving Warner, the author of the book you did.

Thanks very much. Small presses such as mine rely greatly on reviews and word of mouth. Your work is highly appreciated.

--- Jack Estes
Pleasure Boat Studio

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