My Bloody Life
Reymundo Sanchez

I am taking time of my life to tell you that I personally admire you (Reymundo Sanchez) so much if all u said in ur books is true. You are way smarter than someone who has a High School Diploma, because you noticed your mistakes on time and you were able to change your life for the good (Dios ilumino su camino)!!

I am letting you know that thanks to you and my friend who got me your 2 books I no longer feel that I need to join a gang because I had given thoughts to joining the kings, but thanks 2 your words I didnt and I am proud that I stopped 1 of my friends from doing it too. Thank You so much and always give your best. 

My respects to you sir. Cuide mucho a su familia y saludos. Adios,  mucho Amor.

--- Da Princess

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