Mother Meera
Beauty and Schizophrenia

Subject: Your piece on Andrew Harvey
and Mother Meera


Loved it...

--- Shambhavi Sarasvati

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Subject: Nia


"The treatment had reversed a Faustian pact in which Nia had been beautiful and mad, and replaced it with another --- in which she was fat and sane. But was it really a blessing that Nia seemed to have no conception of what she had lost?"

  Unless I misread the article, Nia never remarked upon her own beauty. This was always what others found in her.  

What she has lost, it appears, is the ability she was unaware of -- to effect a response in others to her beauty.  

What she has gained is a life.  

A fair trade-off, to me.  

--- Hal Davis
Dayton, Ohio

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