March 7th
Mike Bader
Elementary Education


I loved the piece on Mike Bader

It's clear this was authored by someone who knew and appreciated Mike as the true gentleman he was.

He had time for me when I was a squirt kid trying to make a go of a five tower directional station in the SF Bay Area. (A little dozy with the signal going straight up.) Mike treated me the same as if Bill Paley was on the line.

As a model for successors to follow, Mike's standards would be impossible to replicate.

It cheered me to read about how well he was appreciated. Knowing of his love for trains and trolleys now explains the affinity I felt beyond his professional persona.

--- Victor M. Ives
TalkStar Radio Network

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Dear Sweet Lolita,

I don't mean to complain, but March 7th (the posting date for your next issue) was the day that I married my first wife (1953, at The Little Church Around the Corner in NYC) and that marriage did not end well.

But on the other hand, it's also the day that I quit smoking tobacco (in 1972), so I guess in the end it's an OK day.

Thanks for listening. Carry on.

--- P. Hayes

§     §     §

Dear P. Hayes:

Some of us tote our memories around like old stones in our pockets. I couldn't, on a dare, remember the date of my unfortunate marriage (1970 or thereabouts?) and I am lucky to remember even that. And that it (the marriage, 1970 ) disappeared within a few sour months.

So much for our salad years.

--- Yours lovingly.

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--- Khalida Bhat

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