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Jack Stangle
Washington Gone Crazy

Dear Lolita Lark,

Re Washington Gone Crazy

As a young boy I recall that HUAC investigated many labor unions though most were cleared and were staunch supporters of America.

I thought I read some articles in the New York dailies of that time (plenty were around then) that the Communication Workers of America union was one of those investigated because it was thought there were communist sympathizers within trying to get a strangle hold on our communication media.

Can you tell me if the CWA was one of the unions investigated by HUAC or at least point me to a source?

Thanks for any reply.

--- Russ Locascio, retired

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Subject: irredesent light

Another Artist who was overlooked in Irridescent light book was Jack Stangle. He was very famous/notorious in the 50s & 60s. Won two NW Annual best of show awards when only in his 20s. Showed at the Willard Gallery NYCity, etc. Please add him to the list.

--- Betty Mile

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Subject: song or poem?

My father used to sing me a tune something like this Cho-Cho pleas do take me over many miles,I want to play train with my grand dad with his lantern burning brighy.....

That is all I can remember of it Can you help with the correct version?

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