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Dear Lolita Lark,

Subject: Regarding a current review on your site for the Ralph literary journal

Ralph literary review has on


a review written by Bob Wisdom of the novel The Good Cripple by Rodrigo Rey Rosa.

I write you to suggest a few minor changes for the sake of accuracy, as I am a friend of Rodrigo Rey Rosa, who lives in Guatemala, and I have known him for twenty years.

First of all, Rodrigo's last name is Rey Rosa, not Rosa.

Secondly, Rodrigo Rey Rosa is not a "fan" of Paul Bowles, but significantly, the literary heir of the estate of Paul Bowles and Jane Bowles. (I have also lived for 21 years in Tangier, Morocco, in Jane Bowles' former apartment where I was a friend and neighbor of Paul Bowles. It was there in the early 1980s that I met Rodrigo.)

Finally, the city is Tangier, not Tangiers. That is a common mistake, usually committed by the British, perhaps confusing it with Algiers, the capital city of Algeria. That should be corrected, if you can manage it. You may wish to consult with Bob Wisdom, but I don't think he would mind you making these very minor corrections on your page.

I am also the webmaster for The Authorized Paul Bowles Web Site, the official site for both Paul Bowles and Jane Bowles, established by Rey Rosa and Paul Bowles' musical heir, Irene Herrmann, who lives in Santa Cruz. Though I never had any Web site experience, it has grown into a major undertaking and ranks number one in the world on Google, MSN and Yahoo!, so I can take some satisfaction in that.

Thank you for your kind assistance...

--- Kenneth Lisenbee
New York / Tangier

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To: poo@cts.com

Subject: Muybridge question

Hi there. I was wondering where you found information regarding what was said at the Muybridge trial? I am writing a paper on the correallation to that trial and that of the OJ Trial. Funny you should mention it in your writings. I literally got off the phone with a librarian telling her that the OJ trial should have been perceived as more of a crime of passion than anything else .. and yes, he was guilty as was Muybridge.

--- steve reiss
studio Reiss

Our Reviewer responds:

We have no more information than we got from the book, Time Stands Still.

We suspect there was --- in this as in the O. J. trial --- no question as to whether he did it or not. The question was, rather --- if he was not guilty --- what tricks were available in American system of jurisprudence so that his lawyer could get him off?

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