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Listen to the Mockingbird

Subject: Mockingbird


I just loved reading your page on the mockingbird, It's delightful. I have heard the song ["Listen to the Mockingbird"] when I was a child. My mother sometimes sang it to me, to put me to sleep.

I once heard that it was written by a black beggar, is that true?

Kind regards.

--- Thomas O'Rourke

Our Editor Responds:

Recently, The Katy Times of Texas published an article on whistling, and the song you ask about.

"The all-time whistling tune, 'Listen to the Mockingbird,' was composed in 1885 by Septimus Winner, 27, a Philadelphia music teacher and music store owner. Winner composed Listen to the Mockingbird under the under the name 'Alice Hawthorne' for a street-whistler friend, and the song swept the nation.

"By 1905, an estimated 20 million sheet-music copies had been sold worldwide.

"Most amateurs favored 'Listen to the Mockingbird' because it had blank spaces that the whistler could fill in at his own performance level.

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