Cyclic Existence

Shariputra came across what was apparently a normal family scene, a woman with her baby on her lap sitting at a table eating fish and kicking the dog as it came to beg for the fish bones. With his psychic powers Shariputre saw that previously the woman's mother and father had lived in the house. Her father used to catch fish in a nearby lake, and as a result was born as a fish there and was now served up on his daughter's plate. The woman's mother, due to her strong attachment to the house, had been reborn as a dog there, and the enemy of the family had been so attached to this woman that he had been born as her child.
Shariputra thought, "How ironic! The woman is cuddling her worst enemy, chewing her father's bones, and beating her mother. Cyclic existence makes me laugh!"

--- From Transforming Adversity into Joy and Courage
Geshe Jampa Tegchok
©2005, Snow Lion
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