My Bloody Life
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Boy, the latest batch of letters are hilarious. As usual, you are killing me here. Just wanted to say hi, hope you are doing well.

--- Don Mussell

KKCR Radio
Hanalei, Hawaii

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I read your list and I agree, I'm a writer myself who is disabled but I never talk about it much because I think it's boring, When People ask me what happened to you I always politely avoid answering because I don't get paid as a poster child, so I'm not doing it for free.

  Plus I always told myself if I'm going to do anything in life. The disabled part will remain a small aspect  

--- Craig Caudill

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I read the book "My Bloody Life" (making of a Latin King), but I have just run into the second part of his book, which is called "My Bloody Life" (unmaking of a Latin King).

Now this book will be able to answer all those questions that the first book left you with. Now don't mix it up it still has a poor ending and seems as though the writer needs to seek lots of therapy. As well as he still has issues in his current relationships and is only in it for the kids. But I'll let you be the judge of it.

Furthermore, I must say that overall the book was interesting, it took me only 3 days to finish. And it brought it close to home due to the fact that I also grew up in the Humboldt Park area in the Latin King territory, and my mother was an ex Latin Queen.

--- Marie M Collazo
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