Carolyn Kizer

Dear Sir or Madam:

Weegee was amongst my fathers heroes.

His favorite quote was, "If my mother was on fire I would take the picture then I would put it out..."

--- PARADOX398@aol.com

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That Carolyn Kizer poem about her daughter was about her 8 year-old-child, not a grown person sententimentalized in the pit.

As Meow Tse-Tung used to say: no investigation, no right to speak.

--- A Bullitt
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Re: Wasted by Marya Hornbacher

wow, it must be great to have all the answers, to be so omnipotent when it comes to the inner workings of the human mind

these "silly, self-indulgent people," with their "self-destructive tendencies!"

who do they think they are, making everyone around them dance with concern as they mock the love they receive?!

take sylvia plath, for example... i'm sure she didn't really want to die; she just wanted to have a little fun at the expense of her loved ones! right?? although they do say third time's a charm...

there is an old scandinavian saying: "be careful of the words you leave behind you, as you may one day find them in front of you" --- for the sake of the loved ones in your life, dear reviewer, i hope you never have to confront the words you so carelessly left behind with your callous and shallow review of Wasted

--- anna papadopoulos
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