Today on Sports Radio WIP
the question of God's existence came up
because one of the personalities had just come
from the funeral of a good friend who had died suddenly.
He said he needed to talk it out. Forgotten were the Eagles
breaking camp in seven days, the Trotter giveaway,
the Flyers' new head coach, the Sixers
exiting in the first round, or the Phils'
loss to the Mets last night, a 1-0 classic
pitchers' duel.

For a solid couple-three hours nobody mentioned
the Piazza rumor, or how Shawn Held went 6-for-6
and set a new record for single-game runs scored,
or that Heather Mitts, striker and mid-fielder
for the local women's soccer team
had posed half-naked on the cover of Philly Mag,
or the local woman just released from Holmesburg
after doing two years for trying to kill her husband
with "a fatal dose of mashed potatoes."

The Metaphysical ruled,
discourse was of divinity, God's existence.

Next up the dial a preacher was calling on God
to kill the new Herods who slaughter the innocent.
He read from Paul's Epistle to the Galatians.
On 1210, conservative Christians
pumped rhetorical iron, talked glory,
annihilation of nations. At the very end of the dial
the static that never signs off
swished, swept past. The song of the cosmic rays
that crash the Van Allen belt,
singing heat-death and birth,
all-enduring night.

--- From The Black Beach
J. T. Barbarese
©2005, University of North Texas Press
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