My Bloody Life
Television and Murder


Thank you for a wonderful and informative site.

I was considering a Maori tattoo and now will not get one.

I think they are quite beautiful, but I do not have the background, ethnicity, approval, etc. to deserve one.

I will continue to admire from afar.

--- Katherine Senko
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I've just finished My Bloody Life and have started Once a King Always a King already. These books are amazing.

I am from Ireland and this lifestyle does not exist, this is not me saying that I am interested in getting involved but am intrigued to find out as much as possible. Is this really what it is like? How true is this life story? Is Chicago still very rough with gang members and gangbanging?

I live in Chicago now and took a drive the other day through the Humbolt Park area but did not see anything that was described in the book, people hanging out, gang signs, or graffiti. Can you help me understand this?

--- robert stassen

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My name is Maricella and I was wondering If It would be all right to send the book my bloody life to a federal prison where my son in law is incarcerated...

please notify me as soon as yo can I would really appreciate it...

--- Sincerly,
your # 1 fan
Maricella Rivera

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Dear Maricella:

Laws concerning which books can be sent to prisoners are different in different jurisdictions.

However, as far as Reymundo is concerned, we recently received the following communication from Chicago Review Press:

    Dear Lolita Lark,

    Reymundo can receive e-mail at

    and yes, the book is still in print. Thanks for your interest.

--- Best,
Jonathan J. Hahn
Editorial Assistant

Dear Editress:

Michael Ross and those women he killed haunt me in my real time.
And what about that tiny girl who was buried alive outside her
trailer park? Dirt went over her, and she folded up arms and legs
and was ready. Please tell God, contact
me soon. I gotta stop watching the news, or
He has to make some big changes. Soon.

--- a girl